The new instagram feed plugin for Brixton

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As of today there are more than 50.000+ plugins in the official WordPress plugin repository, when we built Brixton we searched and tested all instagram feed plugins, and the most appropriate to bundle with Brixton was the Alpine instagram plugin, recently, approximately 2 months ago the plugin author decided to remove the plugin permanently from the WordPress plugin repository, we contacted the author and we never got reply, we are very sorry if any trouble caused, so we were again forced to search for solid and stable instagram plugin, this time we decided to go with the already proven Instagram Feed plugin from Smashballoon, we already use this plugin for all our other blog themes, such as the popular Amory blog theme in which works flawlessly. 

The transition went smooth and there is no difference in styling or setup, we already have written a tutorial of how easily is to connect the new plugin with Brixton, please read here:

However, if you experience any issue, feel free and open a new ticket HERE, we are here to help.

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