What to do if I get error upon Theme Activation

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If you receive the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in …/wp-content/themes/TreeBeard/admin/theme-options.php on line 1

This happens if you install the Theme via FTP and the transfer type is not set to binary. So set the transfer type to binary as can be seen on this link.

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    Brent Nelson

    Set to binary, still getting this error. Using Eco Theme.

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    Brent Nelson

    Hey, I fixed it. Issue was reinstalling page-builder-pmc.
    Make sure you upload the folder inside the page-builder-pmc plugin folder. page-builder-pmc>page-builder-pmc.
    Otherwise it won't recognize. #derp

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    PremiumCoding - Gljivec


    thanks for letting me know and I am glad to see the matter resolved. Enjoy the Theme and have a nice day.

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    Brian Johnson

    How is this not fixed yet? I just wasted like 3 hours with a client's side down trying to figure this out. Changing it to binary didn't even work, nor is that the default for any FTP client. Had to go to the online file manager through my host and upload it that way.

    Also, this post is impossible to find because you haven't included any keywords in here. This is the FIX for the Barber Theme error by PMC Themes where it says unexpected end in theme-options.php on line 1. There you go, now people will find this instead of going through your ticketing system.

    I recommend adding the names of all your other themes that have this error...

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