Where to find demo content

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When downloading and unziping main zip you will find inside folder Recommended Plugins.

Inside this folder are recommended plugins. 

Unzip page builder and go to assets/import . Inside this folder you will find demo content for Revolutin slider, widgets and WP import.

For older theme you can find demo content inside main zip or on or site:


Theme options are automatically imported when activating the theme.

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    tselo Thar

    I don't see assets/import in my dashboard.

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    tselo Thar

    hi there, are you working on the case I mentioned, My demo and woocommerce are not working. I already gave you my admin login info. I am waiting for the website problem fix, actually your theme problem.

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    Carlos Molina

    I am getting Error 500 every time I want to import the DEMO content, could you please let me know what else can I do to fix this problem. The permission for the folders are as requested. The only thing I have not changed or touch is the htaccess file.

    Edited by Carlos Molina
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