Woocommerce 2.3. ready themes

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Here is the list of themes that are already WooCommerce 2.3. ready. If theme is not in the list don't update to WooCommerce 2.3!

Theme ready for WooCommerce 2.3. :


If you updated Woocommerce to version 2.3 you have to update the Theme to the latest version. This is an absolute must and Theme and Woocommerce will not function properly if you do not update the Theme!

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    I updated woocommerce and I've got issues with mercor, saying that there are out dated templates (8 of them) which have had big issues for my site. Can you please help me fix this issue.

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    tselo Thar

    Hi there,
    I installed the theme, but demo and woocommerce can't be installed, please tell me the steps that how to installed the demo and woocommerce.

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