What to do if social share buttons got squished?

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Unfortunately the addthis.com changed the script to the point they added inline css which now affects the styling of our icons. In most cases it is an easy fix. Open style.css and search for:


.addthis_button_twitter, .addthis_button_more, .addthis_button_facebook, .addthis_button_email, .addthis_button_pinterest_share {}


.addthis_toolbox a


in both cases you will see the width specified like width:40px;

Change that to width:40px !important;

It needs to have an !important parameter added so inline css doesn't affect it.

You also need to add:

.at300b span{display:none !important}


At some older Themes you will also notice another icon added (from addthis script). In this case you also need to add this code to style.css:


.at4-icon.aticon-facebook, .at4-icon.aticon-twitter, .at4-icon.aticon-compact, .at4-icon.aticon-more, .at4-icon.aticon-expanded, .at4-icon.aticon-addthis {display:none !important;}

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    carlos andrade

    In style.css page there is no word containing addthis, what other steps can I take?

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