Emporium 3.0 Update

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We have removed Theme from ThemeForest, but you can buy theme update or theme update + Premium support for 12 months.



If you updated Woocommerce to version 2.3 you have to update the Theme to the latest version. This is an absolute must and Theme and Woocommerce will not function properly if you do not update the Theme!

Theme is WooCommerce 2.3. ready.



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    where to you download this or are you saying you have to purchase the update?

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    where do i purchase and download update?

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    Hi there,
    I am interested to buy Update+Premium Support. got few questions.
    Can you please get bk to me ASAP on this as i need to sort this out immediately.

    • Just wondering when is the next version due to release? The current version is WooCommerce2.4.8
    • How often do u update to the new version? (do u update every time WooCommerce updates his plg?)
    • If i buy Update+Premium Support, $29 is monthly fee or one off fee?

    Thanks in advance

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