Instagram Feed doesn't work

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Please first check the following:


  • do you have Alpine Instagram Plugin installed? The proper plugin can be found in Recommended plugins directory or downloaded from:
  • once the plugin is installed, is the plugin connected with your instagram account? You can connect in the plugin's settings (Add User)
  • is the username added properly in theme's options? It has to be entered exactly as it is (case sensitive). So if your instagram username is instagramuser, do not enter it like INSTAGRAMUSER or Instagramuser.
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    Ian Bartsoen

    We did all the above, but the feed doesn't seem to load the pictures. Also, when clicking the "follow me"-button, it heads to instagram in general, not to my page.

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    Lucy Ross

    how can we get rid of the white bar above footer that is supposed to show Alpine instagram plugin but isn't?

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