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You have installed theme demo, you started changing the demo content, added your own posts, but still the slider shows some random posts that you do not want? Well do not worry, in this article, we will demonstrate how easy is to fetch posts from one category or more then one category (categories) and display them on your slider, on the homepage.

1. First, click to open the Revolution slider plugin panel



2. Choose the slider you want to change and click on the cog icon to open the slider settings.



3. Scroll down a bit and select from which category or categories to show posts from.

Note: to select more then one category simply hold down CTRL+mouse left click for Windows users, and for Mac OSX click CMD+mouse left click.

save image


4. At the end, after you made the selection, simply click save settings.



And that's it, the slider has been updated and will show only the posts from the category or categories you have selected!

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